Comodo dragon vs lion

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comodo dragon vs lion

Lions and Komodo dragons are both fierce carnivores, but pitted against each other, which would come out on top? The answer to that is up to the reader of. The biggest differences between a Komodo dragon and a lion are their size, socialization, and body type. Lions are heavier but not as long as Komodo dragons, live in groups whereas Komodo dragons live alone, and have a quadrupedal mammalian body with fur instead of a large, scaly lizard-like body. Lol if we give stealth the lion stomps because big cat's are the most stealthy animals. The lion is stronger faster and more agile the only. INSTALANDO MYSQL WORKBENCH DOWNLOAD Comodo dragon vs lion ultravnc viewer download in italiano


After biting komodo dragon follow their prey; as komodo have potent venom, after some time prey becomes weak and dies. They swallow the large species of meat and eat almost every part of its prey including the head. Young Komodo dragon feeds on small animals and insects. Komodo dragon has a long sharp forked tongue with scaly skin that has small bones;Their tongue gathers particles in the air, and delivers vital signs of prey.

Honey badgers are omnivorous; they are opportunistic foragers. Their diet comprise of rodents, snakes, eggs, dead carcasses, birds, fruits, berries, roots, etc. Komodo dragons live in a varied habitat which includes open lowlands, ridge tops, beaches, dry riverbed and tropical savannah forests. They live in tropical forest and are found all across the Islands of Komodo, Flores, Rinca and Padar. Honey badger lives in a varied habitat which includes grasslands, woodlands, green forests, arid steppes, deserts, rocky hills, thorn forest, etc.

The battle Komodo dragon vs Honey badger will be the most interesting and exciting one. The possibility of the natural encounter of these two animals is close to nil as they both are found in a different habitat. But, if in case one-on-one battle happens between them; who would win? In comparison to honey badger, Komodo dragon is quite large and weigh more.

Honey badger is immune to the venom of different snakes including king cobra; they have very sharp teeth, tough-hard skin, clawed limbs and is very agile. Honey badger has a gland at the base of their tail through which it sprays a strong suffocating liquid that keeps the predators away. When komodo dragon would confront the honey badger and try to kill it, the honey badger will retaliate aggressively.

There are 12 sub species of badger all known as an elite defensive animal that is hyper-aggressive and without fear. It can dodge the attack of the Komodo dragon through its aggressive agility; it would be hard for komodo to bite the badger; even if it manages to bite, it would not do much harm to honey badger as it is immune to infectious venomous bite.

While if a badger gets a chance to bite the komodo it will inflict severe damage to the komodo. Honey badger can fight Komodo dragon for a long-time as it has excellent stamina and never to give up attitude. However there are low chances for either of them to die. Badgers fight with the help of their intelligence powerful teeth, jaws and claws in comparison to the Komodo dragon dragons 60 sharp, serrated teeth in their jaws.

Anacondas can beat komodos, Anacondas can grow like 29 feet long and pounds compared with 10 feet and pounds. Since long its has been believed that Komodo dragon bites were fatal because of toxic bacteria present in their mouths. But new research at the University of Queensland has unveiled that the mouth and tongue of Komodo Monitor is surprisingly ordinary.

The three lizards attempt to eat the group and their newfound friend Lumba-Lumba , but Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to escape the island and washes the Komodo dragons away when they give chase. Ora finds himself stranded on the mainland before coming across Makucha and Chuluun , agreeing to help them in getting revenge on the Lion Guard.

Arriving at the mountain pass that lead to the Tree of Life. Makucha tells Ora and Chuluun about his plan. But, just like Chuluun, Ora has no intentions to follow anyone's orders. They later encounter the Night Pride and engage in a battle against them soon after they refused Rani 's offer of leaving. He was impressed at seeing Baliyo. The return later at night, following Chuluun's plan to sneak under the cover of darkness. Ora's tail was causing unnecessary noise whenever he drags it around and Chuluun complained at him.

Despite their efforts for being stealthy, they were still spotted by the Night Pride and it didn't take long for them to get sent back out of the pass. After two failed attempts, they try to follow Ora's way only for Makucha to start finding his own way, which lead them to a dead end. Backed to a corner, Makucha, Chuluun, and Ora battle the Night Pride again with their own fighting styles. Ora succeeds in incapacitating Baliyo, but Kion's arrival and the mention of the Roar made him retreat out of fear of being blasted away again.

Later outside the pass, Ora complains about Kion showing up just when they were winning. Mama Binturong joins in on their conversation and declares leadership of their group. Outside the mountain pass leading to the Tree of Life, Ora is seen arguing with Chuluun and Makucha before Mama Binturong interrupts them. She tells them about her plan and it involves playing "pretend".

Mama Binturong pretends to be prey being chased by the three predators, who supposedly also pretending to be chasing her, but Ora almost got ahead of himself and was about to bite Mama Binturong thinking it was real, only for Makucha to snap him out of his trance, reminding him it's only an act.

The Night Pride arrives to stop the three predators from attacking Mama Binturong and leaves the pass, completely convincing them of their act. Later, Mama Binturong returns to inform the three predators of what she found out at the Tree of Life while pretending to be "Granny Ginterbong". While she distracts the Night Pride with a crisis far away from the Tree of Life, the three of them will have to move in and get rid of queen Janna , who is lying weak inside the Tree.

Makucha worries that the Lion Guard will stop them, but Mama Binturong assure him that they're currently short-handed and will be easy to take care of. On their way to the Tree, Ora says he's never met a queen before. Chuluun advises him to say his greetings to the queen fast and Makucha tells him to bid farewell to her afterwards before they proceed with their plan to eliminate her. The Lion Guard arrives just in time to stop them, and after getting beaten by the Guard, they retreat once again now that their plan is ruined.

Ora is seen together with Makucha and Chuluun attacking a tiger , who was planning to enter the Tree of Life to raise her cubs safely. They are then stopped by the joint forces of the Lion Guard and the Night Pride. Ora charges straight forward but was surrounded by the Lion Guard. Outnumbered, he quickly makes a swift retreat.

Later after their failed attack, Mama Binturong informs the three predators about Rani's predicament and Kion's doubts on leading the Guard and being afraid to use the Roar. Ora is overjoyed to hear that and strongly suggests they should attack now. However, Mama Binturong tells them that the Night Pride will be defending the Tree of Life at night and the Lion Guard is currently on duty during the day. So, they decide to strike at the end of the shift, when the current patrol is tired and before the next one goes on duty, at sunset.

Then, on sunset, they attack as planned. Ora bites an exhausted Beshte out of commission. Bunga uses his stink on Ora, making him spit out his venom. Ora tail whips Bunga, only for Baliyo and Surak to attack him on both sides. He retreats along with Makucha and Chuluun back outside the mountain pass. At dawn, Ora, together with Makucha and Chuluun, is seen chasing three mountain goats.

As the Night Pride is tired from their evening patrol, the Lion Guard takes over the shift and stops them from advancing further. Defeated again, they retreat back outside the mountain pass. Later, Ora complains at the fact that Lion Guard is getting better. Chuluun says she's about ready to give up, only for Mama Binturong to tell them that she never gives up, and neither should them.

Ora admits he also gives up Mama Binturong reassures them that reinforcements are coming.

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