Cisco vpn 3000 series concentrator software

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cisco vpn 3000 series concentrator software

The Cisco VPN Series Concentrator is a best-in-class, remote-access VPN solution Cisco VPN , encryption processing is performed in software. Advanced endpoint security—A primary component of Cisco VPN Concentrator Software v is the Cisco Secure Desktop, which offers pre-connection security. The information in this document is based on these software and hardware versions: Cisco VPN Concentrator Version Networks Associates PGP Client. COMODO ICON NOT SHOWING 2018

In this section, you are presented with the information to configure the features described in this document. Note: Use the Command Lookup Tool registered customers only to find more information on the commands used in this document.

In this lab setting, the VPN Concentrator is first accessed through the console port and a minimal configuration is added so that the further configuration can be done through the graphical user interface GUI. Private Default. Note: If the IPsec tunnel does not come up, check to see if the interesting traffic matches on both sides. The interesting traffic is defined by the access list on the router and PIX boxes.

They are defined by network lists in the VPN Concentrators. After you click Apply , this window is displayed with the other configuration that is automatically created as a result of the LAN-to-LAN tunnel configuration.

Use the OIT to view an analysis of show command output. These options are available:. Refer to Important Information on Debug Commands before you attempt any debug commands. From the File Management screen, delete the "config" file and reboot. If this file is deleted accidentally, a backup copy, "config.

In versions 2. Reboot the VPN Concentrator. After the diagnostic check is complete, a line of three dots A menu displays that lets you reset the system passwords to their defaults. The group name and group password are used to create a hash which is then used to create a security association.

Users can use the Bug Search Tool Support contract required to find detailed information about bugs. Debugging should only be turned on for the duration of the troubleshooting exercise because it can cause performance degradation. If using certificates, then add the CERT class to the list. This feature can help you to assign a static IP address to a specific user as well. If you configure a pool for a group, the user with static IP gets the IP address assigned to them, and other members of the same group get IP addresses from the group pool.

This only applies when you use the VPN Concentrator as an authentication server. Note: If you use an external authentication server, then you need to use the external server to assign the addresses correctly. You can download the Microsoft DUN 1. Service Pack 3 SP3 or later is required.

When this occurs, the event log shows this message:. The maximum number of filters that you can add on a VPN 30xx unit even a or is fixed at The VPN Concentrator previously held a maximum of routes. This number has now increased to routes. The VPN Concentrator has no predefined maximum limit.

The VPN Concentrator limits the number of routes to , depending on the class. Remember that this does not totally clear the statistics. You need to reboot to actually reset the statistics versus resetting for monitoring purposes. Other port functions are shown here. You cannot remove the floating tool bar nor avoid loading the floating toolbar while you establish the WebVPN session.

This is because when you close this window the session is terminated immediately and when you try to login again the window is loaded again. This is the way the WebVPN sessions were designed originally. You can close the main window but it is not possible to close the floating window. All Cisco VPN Concentrators ship with the most current code, but users can check the downloads Support contract required to see if more current software is available.

When you find it, select the Upload tab. The "k9" designation for the image name has replaced the originally used 3DES designation for example, vpn Thus, the "k9" now signifies that this is a 3DES image. Data compression increases the memory requirement and CPU utilization for each user session and consequently decreases the overall throughput of the VPN Concentrator. For this reason, Cisco recommends that you enable data compression only if every member of the group is a remote user that connects with a modem.

If any member of the group connects through broadband, do not enable data compression for the group. Instead, divide the group into two groups, one for modem users and the other for broadband users. Enable data compression only for the group of modem users.

Use the same name, or different, and open the file in order to view the passwords. You cannot use load balancing with VRRP. In a load balancing configuration, there are no idle devices. This concept is known as "split tunneling.

For additional security, this feature is controllable by the administrator of the VPN Concentrator and not the user. Split tunneling allows you to have the convenience of browsing the Internet while connected through the VPN tunnel. However, it does pose us some risk if the VPN user connected to the corporate network is vulnerable to attacks. It is recommended that the users use a personal firewall in that case.

The release notes for any given VPN Client version discuss interoperability with personal firewalls. Load is calculated as a percentage derived from the active connections divided by the maximum configured connections. The director always tries to have the least load because it is burdened with the additional inherent load of maintaining all of the administrative LAN-to-LAN sessions, calculating all other cluster member loading, and it is responsible for all client redirects.

For a newly configured functional cluster, the director has about a 1 percent load before any connections have been established. Therefore, the director redirects connections to the backup concentrator until the percentage of load on the backup is higher than the percentage of load on the director.

For example, given two VPN Concentrators in "idle" states, the director has a 1 percent load. The secondary is given 30 connections 2 percent load before the director accepts connections. The VPN Monitor can track 20 headend devices. In a hub-and-spoke scenario, connections from remote sites are monitored at the headend.

There is no need to monitor all the remote sites and users since that information can be traced on the hub router. These headend devices can support up to 20, remote users or 2, remote sites. A dual-homed VPN device that goes out to the spoke sites counts as two of the 20 maximum devices that can be monitored. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Log in to Save Content. Available Languages. Download Options. Updated: January 13,

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The Administration Certificate Management Enroll Request Generated screen displays The Manager displays this screen when the system has successfully generated a certificate request. Note You must complete the Enrollment and certificate installation process within one week of generating the request. If you do not, the pending request is deleted. As the screen text indicates, within a few seconds, a browser window opens with the certificate request. The system automatically saves this file in Flash memory with the filename shown in the browser pkcsNNNN.

In generating the request, the system also generates the private key used in the PKI process. That key remains on the VPN Concentrator in encrypted form. Step 6. Save the request in to disk to be pasted into the CSR Request field for when you order the certificate online.

Step 7. Close this browser window when you have finished.

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