How to use ultravnc java viewer setup

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how to use ultravnc java viewer setup

Usage. •. Cmdline. •. Viewer. •. Registry. •. Unattended. UltraVNC Installation. Find attached notes on automating the installation. •. Download UltraVNC. UltraVNC Server and Viewer are a powerful, easy to use, MS Logon, Text chat, Viewer Toolbar, Java Viewer with File Transfer, as well as. How do I install VNC® Viewer? Just run the installer on the device you want to control from and follow the instructions, or there's MSIs for remote. WINSCP TO IPHONE USB

Both are identical except one says and the other says We had to setup one rule for the java viewer and one for the standard UltraVNC viewer appliation All flavors of VNC are similar enough that this tutorial should apply to all of them. VNC is software that allows you to control a computer remotely.

It is free and easy to use once you get the hang of it. See my tutorial for help setting it up. You will need to install UltraVNC as a service if you are going to use some of the more advanced features. As a general rule, if you are on a domain you may want to install UltraVNC as a service.

If you are not on a domain, or if you have a software firewall, then you probably don't want to install as a service. Reboot after Installation. UltraVNC, or any similar product, works best for people who have a high speed connection i.

You must also have your computer ON to be able to connect to it. You can use UltraVNC with dial-up assuming your computer is online and you have someone at home that knows enough to tell you what your IP address is, because people with dial-up internet get a different IP address every time they connect. Most Residential high speed connections use a dynamic IP address that does change if you turn off your modem or lose your connection.

Business level internet normally gets a static ip address that doesn't change. If you have a residential connection your address shouldn't change often, but you can keep track of it using a service like no-ip. After installing you will need to configure your setup before you can use it. If you have a router read step 4. If you have a firewall read step 5. If you have both read steps 4 and 5. It can use any available ports.

Substitute the correct ports anytime that you see or during this tutorial. ROUTER: If you have a router it will have to be configured to let it know where to forward incoming requests from the internet to your computer. Log onto your router. An IP address is four sets of numbers separated with periods, with one to three numbers in each set, between the numbers 1 and , and since you have a router it will probably start with Then at the command window type "ipconfig" write down the IP address of the "Default Gateway" and the number that just says "IP Address".

After you have your gateway IP address open up your internet browser. If a window pops up asking for a username or your browser goes to a page that has your routers name somewhere then you've done it right. Users normally connect to shared desktops using the Standalone VNC Viewer, an installed application that connects over port So instead of installing software, user could instead open a web browser, go to a URL, and connect to a shared desktop via a java applet.

Easy peasy. Behind the scenes, the VNC Server contains a mini web service that listens on port A user can open a web browser and connect to the IP of a shared computer, e. Once connected, they can see the desktop, use the mouse and keyboard, transfer files, and share the clipboard. I was able to connect to my PC from other computers on my LAN, but I wanted to make sure that my partners in Chicago could also see my desktop.

Since my computer is behind a firewall, I needed to connect to my router and forward ports for the web-based sharing and if people use the standalone viewer. Once that was done, VNC worked just fine over the internet. Note that you can configure the VNC Server to prompt you before allowing connections, and to only offer view-only access to users. As a software developer, you can brand and customize the EXE with your own logo, text, IP address, button labels, etc. You can also include your own rc4 encryption key for secure connections.

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My instructions assume that the standard Windows Firewall is being used and not some other one. Many Anti-Viruses come packaged in a suite and may include a Firewall app. Changing the settings for a particular firewall should be similar to the standard Windows Firewall, but you may need to research how to do this on your own. Now type in firewall. For XP, click on the Exceptions tab. Do this again for the port setting, changing it from to Then close the Firewall window.

Click on the Edit Settings item. Check to make sure the ports are and Then click on the Screen Capture tab. It should now look like the example picture. He or she should tell you to make the connection and provide you with an IP address. It has a blue background with in eye in the middle. Enter the IP address in the Host Name box.

This will be provided by the tech who is helping you. Then click Ok. This is also good for security to let you know when there is a remote connection. If you are not familiar with chatting, use the lower box to type your replies and click the Send button to send it. You only need setting up your router, there is no need to setup a clients router as Ultr VNC SC does a look back connection out of their system.

By default most routers are the gateway on your network and are mostly accessible via a HTTP a web page to find your router you may need to ask your administrator or do the following. In the run bar type CMD as indicated below. Or ask the person who had setup your router or read the documentation of the router or perhaps the router came with software.

After connecting to your router via a web page you will need to enter a Username and Password. If your router has no Username and Password or still is using the default Username and Password i suggest you change it to something secure before you find your self hacked out of your router. When changing your password ensure you don't lock yourself out with mistakes, Most routers have a reset button what will reset to defaults but it does mean you will loose all your information and configuration on the router.

You need to find the port forwarding setting on this router it uses NAT to forward ports. On the router setup page click on NAT Setup as indicated below. On the next page click on Configure Port Redirection Table. Under Service Name enter anything you want.

Now lets look at a different router and its setup. Same as before we connect to the router via Internet Explorer and enter the Default Gateway as indicated below. We now will need to enter a password only as this kind of router does not require a Username Enter your password and login to the router as indicated below. On this router you now will need to click on the Forwarding rules as indicated below and then click on the Virtual Server link.

On the Virtual Server link you will be able to do your port forwarding. This is not a problem because vncviewer. So on the support computer you would run vncviewer with the following parameters. Under Service Port enter the port the router should forward from the Internet side. There are many different router with different setups, most of them basically use the same technology in port forwarding. Below is a links from Ultr VNC website for you to with more router setups to look at.

Dynamic IP is a IP what changes allot If you do have a Static IP you could associate a Domain name to it, but in any case many people opt to use a Dynamic DNS name because there are so many company's whom offer these services for free. Most routers today can automatically update Dynamic DNS service provides. Choose a domain name with a supplied extension and keep the name professional.

The Dynamic DNS service providers will delete you domain if its not been used for a certain time period. If you have more than one you can enter more in the other Index sections. Under Domain Name enter the domain name you chose and then the extension in the drop down. Very useful for dial up modems You can download them here. Congratulation's you have hopefully successfully understand port forwarding and have setup your own router. Section 4: Configure the helpdesk. You now will need to configure the helpdesk.

The helpdesk. Since this configuration is meant to run on the clients computer, the client computer The Computer you wish to control via remote connection will need to know how to find your vncviewer. To do this we need to tell the helpdesk.

After the client has run the EXE they will see something similar to below. There is Two main ways of setting up the helpdesk. One way as seen below where the client see multiple support people and double clicks on the support person they wish or was asked to serve them another way would be to create a EXE for each support person and use the [DIRECT] option, this will connect directly to the support person with out the clients intervention.

Lets look at setting the helpdesk. Establishing connection Let us look at the next option. You will need to make a EXE for each of the support people. Congratulation's you have successfully finished the helpdesk. Section 5: Editing your company logo for the EXE 1.

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David, Thanks for your findings, let me check the article again and see if there any alternative way to achieve this.. The above steps seems to be complicated. They are easy to use. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I will surely come back again. What if i have users want to create vnc and use.. Hi, Followed the above steps for rhel6 configuration and but when accessing vnc from browser from windows machine, its asking java authentication, with blank page , but there is no pop up for security warning or vnc authentication, please help.

You need to define the user authenticate details with port number that you assigned to him in jar file and then try it should work. Does not required Java at all. Sure this is a full html5 or javascript interface to handle a vncviewer running on a remote machine, like a linux server.

So, is not your script the one that connects. Also, avoid using 3rd Party. This can be done using other methods. Have a question or suggestion? Please leave a comment to start the discussion. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated and your email address will NOT be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Submit Article Request Suggest an Update. If you liked this article, then do subscribe to email alerts for Linux tutorials. If you have any questions or doubts? Related Posts. Really all you need is the Viewer installed and running to accept connections.

After the installation finished. Right click on the Ultr VNC icon in the tray and select properties. Press Apply and then OK. Try to connect to the server. If actually on the server when trying to connect, the screen will go into a loop and and keep displaying the same thing over and over again like two mirros looking at each other.

If everything works this step is complete. Then go to the How To Create page and download the custom. The most important is the configuration in the helpdesk. You should see the aforementioned. It will most likely drop the. I originally wrote this article back in The following is the article updated to work with Windows 7 and 8. Yermo sent me a link to the UltraVNC site. A very cool way to connect remotely to a Windows Desktop for customer support. This will allow you to provide a customer with an one-click, outbound connection to your system that will then allow you to administer their computer remotely.

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